Marcy P. Lascano

See the Projects Page for information on my projects on early modern women philosophers


I am a Professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Kansas.

I work on 17th and 18th century philosophers.

Upcoming Talks

"Is Emilie du Châtelet a Hedonist, Desire Satisfactionist, or a Pluralist about Happiness?” at the Canadian Philosophical Association meeting in Vancouver, BC.

June 2-4 2019

Current Work

I am currently working on revisions of a few chapters for my book project on metaphysical issues in the philosophical systems of Margaret Cavendish and Anne Conway. I am also working on a number of papers on du Châtelet.

Book Project on early modern women's metaphysics

"Emilie du Châtelet's Account of Happiness" at the Kansas Workshop on Well-Being (KWOW) at the University of Kansas

July 25, 2019