Marcy P. Lascano

See the Projects Page for information on my projects on early modern women philosophers


I am a Professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Kansas.

I work on 17th and 18th century philosophers.

Upcoming Talks

“Equality and Happiness in the texts of Gournay and du Châtelet" with Marguerite Deslauiers at The New Narratives in Philosoophy Symposium at Columbia University.

September 21 2018

Current Work

I am currently working on revisions of a few chapters for my book project on metaphysical issues in the philosophical systems of Margaret Cavendish, Anne Conway, Mary Astell, Damaris Masham, and Emilie du Châtelet.

Book Project on early modern women's metaphysics

TBA, Distinguished Speaker at Temple University

November 8 & 9 2018